Termite Control

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Weaver's offers a wide range of termite control and treatment options.  Optional ten year renewal specials available.  Inside and outside, exterior only, baiting and monitoring technology, spot treatments and pre-treatments for new home construction, and additional services available.

Winged Termite or Winged Ant?

When you see "flying ants" and you're not sure whether they are ants or termites, save a specimen and call us.

Winged termites have a straight thick waist and are well rounded.  Their wings extend far beyond the length of the body.  All wings are the same length.
Winged ants have a thin waist and are wasp-like. Their wings extend only slightly beyond their body and their forewings are larger than their hind wings. 

Termite Facts

Termites and Your Property

Protection is likely to cost less than repairs.

*Damage estimates obtained from an independent property adjusting firm.